Furnova Polymers Ltd.   Cathedral Not Incorporated Almost everything old is new again. Happily, this consists of cathedral and chapel length veils that sweep to or perhaps beyond your train. Utah brides happen to be requesting longer veils this year. Cathedral veils can add an element of ornamentation to a basic gown or best evening dresses an added punch to a detailed dress. Extended veils operate beautifully no matter whether your hair is up or down and photographers appreciate them. They are able to bring a dynamic and mysterious really feel for your bridal photographs. They're romantic, graceful, and timeless and no, you wont look like Maria in the Sound Of Music. We even have a excellent way of generating them convertible so it is possible to still put on it for the dancing and reception celebrations. Also, when else are you prom dresses for short girls able to get away with wearing such a splendid accessory? Just so you realize, our cathedral veil selection involves dozens of types accented by lace, beading, dotted tulle, ruffles, metallic edges, satin trims, and also the superbly straightforward. Oh, monogrammed, also!
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Furane Polymer Concrete Furane Resin Cement

Furacor-500 is a two component cement based on furane resin and graded silica fillers with a catalyst
Furane Polymer Sealants Furane Graphite Cement

FG Cement is a two component cement based on Furan Resin
Furane Polymer Graphite Phenolic Cement

Furacor-400 phenolic cement is a thermo setting plastic , based on a composition of phenol formaldehyde resin 
Furane cement Potassium Silicate Based Cement

Silicor-501 is a self hardening silicate cement mortar based on Potassium.
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